All new plant-based, self-cleaning fabric technology. Products treated with MindfullyClean stay fresh and clean regardless of use.

A blend of the technologies, including antimicrobial and odor elimination, create a blend of self cleaning features.
Product stays fresh and rarely smells from overuse, even if consumer sweats.
Reacts with bad odors to absorb, neutralize and destroy them
Carbon negative manufacturing process
Highly effective even after many washes
Can be applied to any fabric type via standard manufacturing processes

Environmental Benefits of MindfullyClean

100% sustainable and plant-based technology
Significantly reduces clean water consumption
Saves energy by washing products less
Reduces contamination in clean waterways
Less products need to be bought by consumers, reducing manufacturing and consumption
Carbon negative product lifecycle

Consumer Benefits of MindfullyClean

Product stays fresh and rarely smells
Product rarely needs to be washed
Saves time washing product less
Saves money:
Buying less washing detergent
Saving on electricity and water
Feels good about the way they buy and live
Travel lighter
Wear product that is cleaner and healthier for
their skin

Advantages of Plant Extracts

Plants are an integral part of nature, living in synergy with humans. Pest and insect control by plant systems is a natural phenomenon, which keeps the integrity and balance in the ecosystem. Plant extracts are highly biodegradable and have many properties that can benefit humans.

Incorporation into Textiles

Easy, standard, cost-effective application process

Can be applied to all fabric types (natural and synthetic) including cotton, wool, paper, silk, polyester, nylon, modal, etc…

Compatible with all masterbatch polymers and applications and all polymer-based products

Can be applied to textiles using standard padding or exhaust methodologies. Can be incorporated directly into masterbatch for both textile and non-textile end products

No change in your current manufacturing processes is ever required Efficacy is preserved regardless of methodology used

Product Application Possibilities




Home textiles

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