About Us

Moonlight Technologies consists of an experienced team of doctors, scientists and entrepreneurs focused on providing sustainable innovation to the world.

Our goal is to improve lives by empowering humans to live more freely using nature’s innate abilities. We strive to bring you the most effective technologies, while also keeping the environment in mind.

Sustainable & Vertical Supply Chain

Vertically integrating an authentic supply chain for raw materials, while creating a strong business model for the farmers with supply of RM not just for us but for other formulators as well.

Localizing the supply chain across the world, as farming is very geographically specific

We work with existing communities, including Common Land (Netherlands) United Designers (USA), Beforest (India). We’re also working with Agri communities in northeast India, USA and Israel.

Collaborating with universities & research institutes all over the world.



We firmly believe that Moonlight Technologies’ formulas outperform anything currently on the market. We constantly aim to better our technologies and the environment around us.


A key component of Moonlight Technologies is to nurture nature. We ensure that all of our formulas are created with environmental preservation in mind and all ingredients are safe & clean. When applied to textiles and plastics, our technologies work in very low quantities and can withstand many washes with a high efficacy.